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November Debt

December 2nd, 2007 at 08:21 am

Here's a breakdown of our debt for November:

AmEx - $262.01 (to be paid off)
BofA - $2,469.62
Citibank - $4,000 0% interest (to be paid monthly with HEL proceeds until 0% ends)
HEL - $9,917.34 ($135/month includes extra payments towards principal)
LNT - $187.35 (supposed to be interest free for 6 months - WRONG - to be paid off )
Macy's -$84.32 (to be paid off)
US Bank Mortgage - $676.36/month ($107,000 balance approx - no monthly escrow - I pay insurance/taxes myself)

I usually pay off all credit card balances each month. With the exception of October, I was unable to pay off the BofA credit card. I took out a HEL at 7.25% to pay off the BofA card and the 0% Citicard. The current $2,500 BofA card balance are all new charges since I paid off the previous month's balance with the HEL.

We don't have any car payment since both of our cars have been paid years ago.

1 Responses to “November Debt”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Why did you use the HEL to pay off a 0% interest credit card? If you were going to put the HEL money toward debt, wasn't there other debt at interest that should have been paid down first?

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