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November Debt

December 2nd, 2007 at 04:21 pm

Here's a breakdown of our debt for November:

AmEx - $262.01 (to be paid off)
BofA - $2,469.62
Citibank - $4,000 0% interest (to be paid monthly with HEL proceeds until 0% ends)
HEL - $9,917.34 ($135/month includes extra payments towards principal)
LNT - $187.35 (supposed to be interest free for 6 months - WRONG - to be paid off )
Macy's -$84.32 (to be paid off)
US Bank Mortgage - $676.36/month ($107,000 balance approx - no monthly escrow - I pay insurance/taxes myself)

I usually pay off all credit card balances each month. With the exception of October, I was unable to pay off the BofA credit card. I took out a HEL at 7.25% to pay off the BofA card and the 0% Citicard. The current $2,500 BofA card balance are all new charges since I paid off the previous month's balance with the HEL.

We don't have any car payment since both of our cars have been paid years ago.

November Expenses

December 2nd, 2007 at 04:12 pm

We've been a one-income for four years now, so you'd think we could adjust by now. Nope. We still live like we're living on two incomes.

DH is paid bi-weekly. His paycheck nets (after taxes, insurance, HEL pymt, and $300 savings) about $1,200. He does get paid for OT but only works OT occasionally.

DH's net paychecks for November totaled $2,389.81. Our expenses totaled $5,883.74. Can you see the problem?

November Expenses

Charity - 53
Christmas - 272
Clothes - 476
Debt - 108
Entertainment - 140
Food - 1,366
Gifts - 89
House - 892
Insurance - 103
Kids - 595
Medical - 783
Transportation - 225
Utilities - 782
Total - 5,884