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Daily Expenses

December 3rd, 2007 at 08:43 pm

Update: We used to have all of our phone/broadband/cable service through Comcast. If service went out, everything went out, so we switched over to satellite (long-term contract with Dish).

I'm going to start logging in my daily expenses, so keep the comments coming. It makes me feel like I'm being held accountable to someone. I'm also posting our daily expenses on a bulletin board at home for everyone to see.

12/1 - $313
Texaco Gas Bill - $209
Martial Arts - $25
Dish Network - $60
Groceries - $19

12/2 - $180
Prepaid Phone - $15 (ds' prepaid phone - only allowed $15 every 90 days)
Comcast Phone/Broadband - $84
DH Bday Dinner - $61
Carl's Jr. - $7
Groceries - $13

1 Responses to “Daily Expenses”

  1. madhaus90 Says:

    Can you look into an all inclusive package for cable or dish/Internet/phone? We have a bundled package for the basic Dish and Internet/phone for $100 a month. Might save some money there. And if your famiy likes movies can you try Netflix rather than Showtime or HBO?

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