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Daily Expenses - 12/3

December 4th, 2007 at 01:15 pm

We did pretty good yesterday. Did not eat out at all like we normally would. Usually we would go to McDonald's after picking up DS from preschool (free - special ed preschool through public school district - speech development delays) and grab something to eat on the way to Aikido class. But instead, I made cheeseburgers for lunch and chicken wings for dinner.

Car - $3 (replace light bulb)
Coupons - $4 (from thecouponclippers.com)
Zoloft - $19 (90 day supply)
Prepaid phone - $10 (my prepaid phone top-up for low balance - minimum of $15 every 90 days to keep service)
DS Allowance - $20 (babysitting)
WD - $40 (eating out money - must last entire week)

Total $96

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