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Daily Expenses - 12/4

December 5th, 2007 at 01:28 pm

Still no eating out. I had some major caffeine withdrawal headaches since I didn't have any soda. Usually when we go out to eat, I get a diet coke. I can still feel a little headache today but it's not as bad. Yesterday was Walmart day. Walmart is near Bed, Bath, and Beyond so we bought a cap rack (I was so sick and tired of baseball caps all over the house despite having a designated box for them), a shoe rack (kept tripping over all the shoes on the garage floor), and a shower liner. I also used our 20% off coupons. We definitely needed the cap rack, but the shoe rack and shower liner were dh's ideas.

Walmart - $67
BB&B - $41
Baby - $46 (shoes, boots, and diapers - outgrew his shoes in three months)
Christmas - $25

Total $179

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