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Daily Expenses - 12/5

December 6th, 2007 at 12:50 pm

Dh is on vacation this week and next, so we go shopping. Dh still needed to buy more winter clothes for work (he works outdoors all year long) and with living in Denver, he needs clothes that can handle the cold. He bought new gloves and thermals at Bass Pro Shops.

Clothes - $67
Loan - $20 (extra principal payment on HEL - loan pymt taken directly from paycheck)

Total $87

I still had some major caffeine withdrawal headaches so I had to break down and get a soda. Del Taco was near Bass Pro Shops, so I had a Steak and Egg Breakfast Burrito Combo Meal. YUMMMMM. I spent $5 out of my $20 meal allowance for the week.

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