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Daily Expenses 12/13

December 14th, 2007 at 12:29 pm

Didn't spend any money on the 11th or 12th but the 13th was awful.

Insurance - $103 (monthly life insurance premiums for both of us)
Trip - $540 (going home to HI on Xmas Day and had to buy a few airline tickets that weren't originally budgeted - usually fly very cheap since DH works for an airline)
McDonald's - $13 (lunch for the boys)
Kids - $76 (prepay lunch for DS, winter jacket for baby, and black tie for DS concert)
Groceries - $128 ($78 at WM and $50 for Costco membership fee)

Total $909

I didn't put in a budget for trips this month only because we normally don't have to buy any airline tickets since we can fly standby for a nominal fee. But the flights were full coming and going to Hawaii so we had to buy a few tickets to get us in and out of Hawaii. Tickets from Maui to Honolulu ($180), taxes for tickets on Hawaiian Airlines using credit card miles (credit card is good for something) and ticket on Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian airline tickets from Honolulu to Las Vegas. We'll fly for free from Las Vegas back home to Denver. But since we're getting in to Vegas at midnight we had to get a hotel room for and a car rental. The consumer electronics show (148,000 out-of-town attendees) is in Vegas while we're there, so finding a cheap hotel room was impossible. We ended up getting a room in Downtown and had to get a car.

We're flying on my dh's pass from Denver to Maui on 12/25 but really need to get to Honolulu, so we had to buy tickets on another airline to get to Honolulu.

I've also got money set aside for our trip to Hawaii that's not in my December budget. We usually pay cash for everything since our only expenses are food and souvenirs.

Also, thanks for the comments on Mvelopes. I took a quick tour of the tool and it's really similar to what I already use in excel. I've been using a budgeting/tracking spreadsheet for years that I made so I can budget my monthly categories, project cash inflow and outflow, etc. My only problem is self-control. UUUGGGGHHHH.

3 Responses to “Daily Expenses 12/13”

  1. campfrugal Says:

    I spent a lot of money on the 13th also. I bought new furniture for my livingroom. But, McDonalds sounds like a justifiable purchase. Yum, I am so hungry for McDonalds.

  2. Aleta Says:

    Did you use an excel spreadsheet that was downloadable or did you customize your own? Excel has so many spreadsheets that its hard to choose one. Which one worked best for you if you don't mind my asking?

  3. lkk0718 Says:

    I created my own spreadsheet. I've worked with excel for years and developed profitability spreadsheets for work in my previous life. SORRY.

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